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The weather forecast for Llantwit Major on Wednesday December 2 2020. Our forecast is updated several times through the day. (View in temperature in FahrenheitCelcius).

This Morning's Weather Forecast

Clear sky 12°C53°F
Clear sky and 12°C53°F with a 18 MPH West wind.

This Afternoon's Weather Forecast

Clear sky 9°C48°F
Clear sky and 9°C48°F with a 13 MPH Northwest wind.
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Today's Hourly Weather Forecast for Llantwit MajorShowShowHideShow

°C°F °C°F °C°F °C°F °C°F °C°F

Short Term 48 Hour Weather Forecast for Llantwit MajorShowShowHideShow

Sun Mon Mon Mon Mon Tue Tue
18:00 0:00 6:00 12:00 18:00 0:00 6:00
Clear sky Clear sky Fair Partly cloudy Partly cloudy Partly cloudy Partly cloudy
12°C53°F 9°C48°F 7°C44°F 13°C55°F 13°C55°F 11°C51°F 10°C50°F
18 13 7 13 20 13 13

Long Term 7 Day Weather Forecast for Llantwit MajorShowShowHideShow

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Clear sky Partly cloudy Partly cloudy Clear sky Rain Rain showers Cloudy
13°C55°F 13°C55°F 14°C57°F 13°C55°F 13°C55°F 13°C55°F 12°C53°F
13 13 11 20 25 18 22

Past WeatherShowShowHideShow

Weather data for the month of December for the past 3 years.

Year Ave. Max Ave. Min Frost Ave. Daily Ave. Daily
  Temp. Temp. Days Rainfall Sun
2010 4° C39° F -3° C26° F 24 1 mm
2009 7° C45° F 0° C33° F 15 4 mm
2008 7° C45° F 1° C33° F 18 2 mm

Weather forecast from yr.no, delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the NRK. This forecast for Llantwit Major was last updated at 16:40:34Hrs, the next update is expected 05:00:00Hrs.

Historical data source The Met Office for Cardiff weather station.