Pyjama Drama

NamePyjama Drama

Telephone01443 888220

AddressThe Old School, Wine Street, St Donats, Llantwit Major CF61 1XY

DescriptionJoin us each week as we embark on the most amazing adventures!
Through imaginary play, children instinctively learn and make sense of the world around them; they role play different characters, use their imaginations to explore different worlds and recreate events that happen to them, and that’s exactly what we do each week. Whether is exploring different cultures and environments through the eyes of a shy alien or experiencing compassion as we help look after a family of tigers.

All our sessions combine drama, movement, music and play and aim to develop key skills such as confidence, communication or concentration (it's also a lot of fun!)

FeaturesTuesdays, Cylch, Llantwit Major
16:30 - 17:30 Sunbeams *drop off*

We have different sessions to suit the different developmental stages of children (the ages are a guideline only, as children develop at such different rates)
Dewdrops (6m - 18/20m)
Raindrops (18/20m - 2.5 yrs)
Rainbows (2.5yrs - 4.5yrs)
Sunbeams (4.5yrs - 7 yrs)

Come along for a no obligation three week trial and discover just how powerful the imagination is!



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