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What's On?

14:00, August 26 2014

Fonmon Castle Tuesday and Wed afternoons Public Opening (Apr - Sept)

Museums & Attractions For the family 

01:00, August 27 2014

Fonmon Castle Tuesday & Wed afternoons Public Opening (Apr to Sept)

Museums & Attractions For the family 

11:00, August 30 2014


Family Fun All ages Free

01:00, September 2 2014

Fonmon Castle Tuesday & Wed afternoons Public Opening (Apr to Sept)

Museums & Attractions For the family 

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We provide a roundup of Llantwit Major news, by checking 3 local news providers twice daily;  BBC News has 15 local news items,  Alun Cairns MP has 2,  Gem Newspaper has 0,  .

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What You Can Find In Llantwit Major

With 20 Llantwit Major pubs, there are plenty to choose from. Choose a great restaurant from the 6 restaurants in Llantwit Major. Like shopping? Llantwit Major has shops galore, 26 shops in total. View all the shops in Llantwit Major.

Need somewhere to stay? We have 1 Hotel in Llantwit Major, but there are other places to stay. Need an emergency Llantwit Major plumber, Llantwit Major electrician, or an accountant in Llantwit Major? In total 23 companies offer services in Llantwit Major. With 20 cafes, delis, and take aways in Llantwit Major, you can always find a new place to eat.

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